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In the early decades of the twentieth century Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy of non-violent revolution or Satyagraha inspired a mass movement of millions of Indians to rise up against the British colonial state and successfully agitate for the establishment of a democratic and free India.



Does Indian PM Narendra Modi’s 18-hour Work Mantra Make Sense?

Narendra Modi is the 15th and current Prime Minister of India. Modi, a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), also served as Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001–14. He led the BJP in the 2014 general election, which resulted in an outright majority for the BJP in the Lok Sabha (the lower house of the Indian parliament) – the last time that any party had secured an outright majority in the Lok Sabha was in 1984.

Comments in Favour of and against the topic:

a) Like most newly-appointed CEOs of a troubled company, Modi obviously has a lot to do and is in a race against time. But are 18-hour workdays and a permanently punishing schedule for himself and his colleagues the best way to go?



b) It is true that the new Govt. has to do a lot within a short span of time. But in my humble opinion, imposing a uniform 18 hour work per day may not yield desired result. It would be more effective if everyone is given a target, with milestones, and ask for the time and action plan. This objective based plan can be negotiated and finalized on a case to case basis.

His Meeting with Ministers and Secretaries


c) Young people like to sleep more, while older ones like MODI with age are not able to sleep anyways and show up at work in the process giving out a propaganda of working harder. Anyway what matters is the OUTPUT (Results) and not time. Also I am not sure if people who says who work more than 8 hours like 14,16,18 etc….really do contribute anything effective in end output terms at all, since a human mind is not bound to work so long hours a day anyways….Probably chit chatting, discussing, loitering around is what majority of those 18 or so hours would go in and actual work done is probably lesser than even 8 hours for sure. Pathetic to see anyone working over 8 hours per se with no life outside of work to look forward to

Cabinet Meeting


d) It really doesn’t make sense to just work, work & work for as many hours as you can, without achieving the desired results. Working smart & delegating work gets the best out of everyone involved. The crucial thing is to monitor. Checks & controls & regular monitoring of progress or otherwise will have immense benefits rather than just slogging aimlessly. Our good intending PM must realise that working 18 hours deprives everyone of the joys of life. You just do not work, you need to rest your body & mind to be able to utilise your capacity to the fullest.

e) If Narendra Modi does not live up to expectations he will go the way of the previous Manmohan Singh Government.

Whether his workaholic nature shows practical results or not, ONLY TIME will tell.

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Many Guys in India does not know the Radio Fm Frequencies of their city.
I just want to specify Hindi ones that are heard in Delhi.

1) RADIO CITY: 91.10 MHz
2) BIG FM: 92.70 MHz
3) RED FM: 93.50 MHz
4) RADIO ONE: 94.3 MHz
5) HIT FM: 95.00 MHz
7) FM RAINBOW: 102.60 MHz
8) FEVER: 104.00 MHz
9) OYE FILMY: 104.80 MHz
10) GYAAN VAANI: 105.60 MHz
11) FM GOLD: 106.40 MHz.

Hope this would help you to listen some awesome music:-)